Pollinative follows the process of helping to restore natural features and functions of degraded ecosystems. Ecological restoration is often an important element for conservation and/or enhancement of natural biodiversity.

Every project is unique. Our restoration approach and services to achieve successful and sustainable ecological restoration may include a combination of services that we can provide:

  • Detailed Site Evaluation (baseline conditions survey, inventory assessment, constraints evaluation)
  • Planning and Design
  • Site Preparation (clearing, grading, and tillage which may include soil decompaction, scarification, pit and mound creation, soil amending)
  • Seeding, Planting and related landscape services
  • Invasive Species Eradication and Weed Management
  • Maintenance and Tending (e.g., irrigation, pest management, prescribed burns)
  • Long-term Management Planning and Operational Training (turn-key solutions)
  • Public Education

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