The Ontario’s Native Pollinators Habitat Program

Pollinative is an Ontario organization focused on the restoration, preservation and creation of natural habitats for native pollinating species. We are committed to the restoration of Ontario’s native landscapes for the primary benefit of insects and wildlife habitats – from ants to bees, butterflies and birds- we need to help at every level.

Our goal is to create sustainable eco-systems from the ground up. In association with communities, organizations, corporations and governments we will transform degraded and depleted landscapes into hearty and robust eco-systems.

Our plan is to create pollinator pathways and migration routes for safe population growth and distribution. A network that connects fields to fields, ditches and corridors for protected travels for our pollinators. This plan is beneficial for everybody, yes, from your local farmer’s crop to back yard gardeners. Ninety percent of all plants depend on pollinators for reproduction and yield development.

What We Do

Pollinative will access land parcels, plant seed mix to grow, establish bee population, bees will help with the growth of the grasslands and meadows while we are helping bring back the bee population. Not just help bees, we want to help all endangered pollinating species. Once the insects are established, then comes the birds. We hope to help endangered birds like the bobolink and meadowlark whose nesting routine is continuously threatened by agricultural farming techniques.We use a special seed mix that allows low maintenance landscaping that . This mix of plant species are all native to its region. The Bee Forage Meadow Seed Mix consists of wildflowers and grasses designed to attract bees, and other insects.


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